Walktober 2020 is here!

Walk your way through October just like you're walking your way through 2020 - one step at a time! Join a team, be active, and compete for prizes for yourself, your team and a charity of your choice.  

There are two ways to join:

  1. Become a team captain! Wrangle up at least four walking buddies and get to stepping! 
  2. Join a team that already has a captain and get ready to help your team walk its way to a win! 

To become a team captain or a team player you need to create a Walker Tracker Account via the app or complete your register on this page.

Please note, prior to October 1 captains and team members need to register or re-join their teams through the website as the challenge will not appear on the Walker Tracker mobile app until you join through the web browser.


Rules and Tips:

Build a Team. 

Walktober teams can consist of coworkers, classmates, families, neighborhood groups or any combination of shoe-wearing humans that are willing to step up for fun, fitness, prizes and a good cause. Teams work best if they consist of 4-15 members, but there is no cap on how many walking enthusiasts can be on a team. Your outfits don’t have to match but it shows extra team spirit if they do! Imagine a team full of tutu-wearing walkers or a walking group donning their best 80’s getups. Just remember, you can only be part of one team.

Give It a Good Name. 

What’s in a name? Everything! Team Captains: choosing a team name is your first leadership task. Start off on a good foot by selecting a name that people in your company, school or neighborhood will recognize. “Shasta County HR Department” or “Saratoga Neighborhood Strollers” are great examples.

Get Those Steps In.  

Total team steps are calculated as an average of every member's daily steps, so having more members does not equal more steps. Building a team of random Facebook friends won’t give you a leg up. It’ll take everyone on your team putting their best foot forward.


Win Prizes.  

Competing in the Walktober Challenge means there are plenty of ways to win prizes! 

To keep things on the up and up, weekly prizes will be randomly awarded to teams and individuals for completing weekly challenges. The individual with the highest step average will get to donate $500 to a local Shasta County charity of their choice. 

The team with the most steps on average will take home the Grand Prize - $1000 donated to a local Shasta County charity of their choice! Talk about bragging rights. 

Turn on Your Walker Tracker Or It Didn’t Happen! 

Be sure to turn on your Walker Tracker notifications. Follow @healthyshasta on Facebook or Instagram to be notified about the challenges and for a chance to win some pretty fun prizes. This challenge is open to everyone - from Mom Walkers, Dog Walkers and Mall Walkers to Silly Walkers, Model Walkers, Costumed Walkers and everyone in between! Fitness, fun, funky walking shoes and stepping up for cool prizes and a good cause - that’s what Walktober is all about! 



Questions about the challenge? Please email jehansen@cityofredding.org.

Need help with Walker Tracker? Visit the support site at support.walkertracker.com or contact them directly.



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