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Hawaiian Island Hop Walking Challenge

Tour the islands of Hawaii without even getting on a plane by participating in this walking challenge!

From June 7th to July 1st, make it a goal to walk 8,000 steps daily and you'll complete the virtual island hop challenge by walking 200,000 steps in total.

Sign up for the challenge by logging in to your Walker Tracker account (or registering if you are a first time user), clicking on the "Challenges" tab, and clicking the 'Join' button next to the Hawaiian Island Hop Challenge.

Follow Healthy Shasta on social media for prize drawings every week and information on walking routes by the water to keep you cool. Healthy Shasta | Facebook

Win Prizes

Prizes include:

· Tickets to Turtle Bay's Walk for Wildlife event on June 12th

· Nui Hawaiian BBQ gift card

· Certificate for a kayak/ stand-up paddle board rental from Whiskeytown at Brandy Creek Beach

· A $50 Sports LTD gift card for walking gear

*Only Shasta County residents are eligible to win prizes.

Sign Up

To the right, you can register for Walker Tracker, a platform we use to host walking challenges.

We host walking challenges on this platform so you can virtually walk special routes in the country and world depending on the challenge. All you must do is sign up for each challenge when you hear about them and make sure your step counter is set up to track your steps. Then sync your step counter (Fitbit, Garmin, smartphone) to your Walker Tracker account and you are good to go. Download the Walker Tracker App to your Smartphone to easily keep up with your progress in the challenge. Your step count will match up with the virtual route. Make sure you know what the daily goal is so you can aim to complete the entire route.

Get your friends and family in on the challenges so you can motivate and hold each other accountable. These challenges will be even more fun if you have a walking buddy!

Turn on Your Walker Tracker

Be sure to turn on your Walker Tracker notifications so you can be alerted of mini challenges within the walking challenge for chances to win prizes. Follow @healthyshasta on Facebook and/or Instagram (Healthy Shasta | Facebook) to be notified of future challenges and healthy tips. Challenges are open to all who live or work in Shasta County.

Did you know you can meet physical activity recommendations for better health by walking briskly for 30 minutes a day, at least 5 days a week? These bouts of physical activity can be broken into 10 minutes segments - such as walking during your break at work or walking 15 minutes of your commute each workday.

Healthy Shasta aims to encourage people to walk and bike more for both transportation and recreation while working behind the scenes to support the creation of environments that make bicycling and walking easier, safer, and more convenient for transportation and recreation.

Please visit for all the latest information Healthy Shasta has to offer on walking challenges, healthy living, and much more.


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